About Us

About Multi Tech IT Solutions:

Multi-Tech IT Solutions is the leading software provider of fully-integrated Hospital management software solutions and services for process-intensive hospital industries and the largest trading network for the promotional products and services industries.


Multi-Tech IT Solution is fully-integrated Hardware, Software services combines best practices, in networking administration and communications to deliver unparalleled, unified business management solutions.

Since 2011, Multi-Tech IT Solution has offered the systems, service, software, and support critical to success in today's highly-competitive marketplace.



To Provide an integrated Solution for the Hospital, which 

•      Helps in Efficient Management of the Hospital.

•      Enhance your Company & Service Activity.

•      Improve work efficiency

•      Improve Fiscal Control

•      Eliminate the chances of any Pilferage

•      Enable the Growth of the your Company



We play vital role in different segment, we provide follows services

•      Software Development:- Hospital Management Software, Laboratory Manager, Pharmacy Manager and School ERP

•      Website: - Static & Dynamic Websites, E-Commerce Website, CRM Based.

•      Application Development: - Android App.

•      Expo & Exhibition Marketing:- Online & Onsite Expo Marketing for your Service.

•      Data Analysis: - Data Resources Monitor & Update.

•      Software Service: - Hospital Management Software, Pharmacy & Laboratory Software and School ERP.


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